Payroll Services

With over 20 years of experience in payroll, Crosse & Co. offer a complete payroll service:

Personalised reports and spreadsheets
We can discuss with you the types of reports that you will find most useful to you.. We understand that everyone's requirements are different and no bookkeeping system is the same. Therefore, we can give you breakdowns, on a spreadsheet, under headings which give you the immediate information helpful to your business and bookkeeping system.

And now we also offer the "cloud" yes - your staff can access their payslips and auto enrolment information via the internet and the secure portal we offer.

If however, you still like "paper" we can do that too - good old fashioned post or how about inbetween? emailed payslips and reports - so not quite on the cloud but one step closer.
Security Payslips
Most of our clients like to receive their payslips by email as this is quick and the payslips are always to hand to reprint if necessary. However, there are several options available. For instance, security payslips may be the way you wish to go. Or, we can email the staffs' payslips directly to them so they can be retrieved on their own computer, tablet or smart phone. This is a secure system and saves you time too.
RTi Submissions
As you will be aware, if you are an existing employer, HMRC's Real Time Information system is well underway. As we specialise in payroll, we are always up to date with the latest legislation and link directly to HMRC. So, we keep in line with the present requirements and you can relax knowing you are complying without having to worry.
Year end reports and P60's
With the RTi system, end of year returns are no longer required by HMRC. However, P60's must still be given to your employees. We will print or email these at the year end to make sure everyone gets their copy. It must be remembered that they only receive one copy of their P60 so they must keep it in a safe place.

We can, however, supply you with a year end report summary to help with the completing of your accounts. This can be passed directly to you or to your accountants.
Student Loans and Statutory Payments
Another example of a worry being removed from yourself. We take away all the problems related to these payments and liaise with you directly to be sure you understand how it all works. With effect from the 2016 to 2017 tax year there are now 2 plan types for student loan repayments depending on when they took out their loan.

Queries Dealt With
Once we commence to act on your behalf for your payroll, we can deal directly with HMRC to help solve any queries which may arise from them. Allow us to be the link between HMRC,'s PAYE and National Insurance department rather than you wasting valuable non-chargeable time holding on. Also we are always happy to answer any general queries you may have. We want to work with you as a team so are always happy to discuss payroll matters.

Our Client Testimonials

I have recommended Crosse & Co's payroll services to many of this firm's clients and have only ever received positive feedback. We use them ourselves - which is the best reference there is
Jon Dodge, JDC Corporate Finance
I’ve been working with Sara at Crosse and Co for almost two years now and it's always been a pleasure! I've always received the payroll information on time and accurately and all my requests and enquiries were answered straight away. Moreover, all communications have a personal touch so you never...
Clear Graphics Limited
We have been using the services of Crosse & Co since October 2009 and would say it's one of the best decisions we have made. We now only spend a few minutes of our own time preparing a weekly time sheet for our staff and the rest is taken care of by Crosse & Co. It really is that simple. Our...
Steve Page, MD, Great Yarmouth Glass Ltd