Starter Checklists

New Starter Checklists 

When taking on a new employee, we are no longer required to submit a completed P46 or P45 to HMRC.

Instead New Starter Checklists will be used. When completed by your new employees, these will supply us with the information we require to enable us to submit your RTi submissions on time. We will be sending all our clients Starter Checklists so they can use them as soon as a new team member is hired!


Payroll Services

Personalised reports and spreadsheets

We can discuss with you the types of reports that you will find most useful to you.. We understand that everyone's requirements are different and no bookkeeping system is the same. Therefore, we can give you breakdowns, on a spreadsheet, under headings which give you the immediate information...

Security Payslips

Most of our clients like to receive their payslips by email as this is quick and the payslips are always to hand to reprint if necessary. However, there are several options available. For instance, security payslips may be the way you wish to go. Or, we can email the staffs' payslips directly to...

RTi Submissions

As you will be aware, if you are an existing employer, HMRC's Real Time Information system is well underway. As we specialise in payroll, we are always up to date with the latest legislation and link directly to HMRC. So, we keep in line with the present requirements and you can relax knowing you...